Maturity Glossary – please participate

We use words to communicate- each one of us has it’s own network of thoughts about words. Specially in change initiatives, I find it highly relevant, to build a common understanding of the words used.

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Once we use new words (agile) or re-use old ones to describe new things (transparency), it is even more important, to clarify, as I experience many times even completely opposite interpretations: For some transparency is frightening (BigBrother) for others the cure for learning or miss use of power…

In addition words change their meaning over time (rising competence, maturity, context or just happenings, being connected to it (metoo))

In projects or initiatives I always start with open – wiki based – glossaries, to develop a better, common understanding, or at least rise awareness about the various perspectives. I am not very satisfied wit this „two-dimensional“ wikipedia approach, as it tries to deliver answers, where questions an discussions would be better – and, as described above: there is not „one“ interpretation (or right/wrong). This is part of my leading change methods.

To show this (diversity of interpretation + change over time & maturity) I am doing a little experiment with my networks:

I ask for the first word, which comes to your mind, when you read:

  • agile
  • media competence
  • transparency

I will run this on and repeat this after some month – and publish the results

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Live Results:




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Eine Antwort to “Maturity Glossary – please participate”

  1. Sigi Sagt:

    Sehr schöner Ansatz! Gute Idee.. Idealerweise kommt dann im Anschluss eine breite Diskussion aller Beteiligten, um voneinander zu verstehen, was man jeweils damit ausdrücken wollte. — Weil, verstehen tun wir uns ja nur, weil wir uns mißverstehen :-)


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